I was inspired by discrete mathematics and the accessibility of IFTTT

What it does

WANN takes data from Twitter, Reddit, and can be fed information locally. It then forms any data it has into a Neural Network with which it can then return sensible data off of what it knows. In this case, WANN is given English, and it returns English!

How I built it

WANN is built in python, and is made to go online and collect data. This may make it seem like it needs somewhere to be hosted, but it doesn't need a dedicated host. WANN can be deployed from any device and gets all of it's data from what other people have written.

Challenges I ran into

The second part of WANN is to introduce a linguistics analysis system. Finding good and large sources information for WANN to parse is rather hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to see WANN learning, and writing it's own tweets!

What I learned

I have learned a lot about how things can be connected on many levels, and I have learned a lot about applications of discrete mathematics.

What's next for Wirelessly Accessible Neural Network

Relevance sensory. WANN will be able to collect information form a set of connected sentences to understand things like conversation subject and even research its own information on current events.

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