We got inspired by our personal experience of fall by the elders at home. We tried using various available wearables and other emergency buttons available on the market, but none solved our issue.

What it does

It's a specialized wearable device that in the initial phase works as a fall detection device, which alerts the emergency contacts through SMS when a patient falls. Eventually, as we collect data, using ML we will be able to prevent falls based on the patterns.

How we built it

We used IOT chip AZ3166 built by MXCHIP. This chip contains IMU, Pressure, Humidity, and Temperature sensors in it. We connect the chip to the cloud using wifi to transfer real-time data to our servers. Data is stored and analyzed using ML algorithms. In the initial phase, we are using an algorithm to detect the fall of patients and alert emergency contacts through SMS. As we collect more data we will be able to prevent fall by alerting patients and emergency contact of a fall that could happen.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a major challenge in building an algorithm that detects falls most accurately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to build a working POC which is detecting falls and alerting emergency contacts.

What we learned

We learned the building a solution using IOT chip.

What's next for Wireless Fall Alert System

We look forward to refine our algorithm using ML and decrease the size of our chip.

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