We were inspired by the drive to learn, initially we had no inspiration. As we delved deeper and learned more about API's and their use, we saw lots of possibilities that could help the community on a small and large scale.

What it does

The application uses the smart car API to start a network of communications/interactions with the user, "developer", and API. Then Twilio which is also a very powerful tool is used to help the user have an enhanced and convenient way of doing the main function of this demo: Opening and Locking the car door (Via SMS text message).

How we built it

First step was learning API from scratch. My team and I spent a great deal learning how to call from the API to use in our program. Also lots of questions were asked to the mentors from the Smart Car and Twilio desk. So seventy percent of the project was studying new material. Step zero was setting up the API docs for Smart Car and Twilio through command prompt, importing docs, and adding in credentials in the right places. First we used python and flask to import and allow the program to call functions from the API and use the functions we need. Step two was mainly playing with ngrok in command prompt to set up a "window" kind of for the computer to "talk to" the outside sources so that this functions can be actually utilized to a fuller extent. So at this point we have a API set up and we have the ability to use the API function and "to a wider radius" with both API's and in the same program using Python. Step three was using simple if-else statements to make a condition for the locking and unlocking of the car.

Challenges we ran into

Learning API from scratch was a hard and intimidating process. However my curiosity and drive to learn and become a better me was greater than the other feelings. Honestly next Hack Ru I come to I definitely will feel way more prepared and ready to bust out a more creative program due the fact I can focus more on doing than learning. So in short learning and lack of time after learning to fully utilize the skills and knowledge acquired.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of my team for trying and really doing their best to keep up with the pace of the team in general. I'm really proud of everyone for being able to even just grasp one or two small or big concepts and knowing however much more than yesterday.

What we learned

We learned so much about API's but also the logic that goes into programming more complex programs and also the amount of hard work, dedication, and drive it takes.

What's next for Wireless Car Application(s)

I will continue to work on it on my own for sure with one of my teams mate for sure. Unfortunately he could not be here and he was the 4th member, however we are very excited to work on this to hopefully one day help the community on a great scale and also maybe just for personal use and help problems we would run into on a daily. Transportation industry is rapidly evolving along side with technology. We were thinking about having a UBER like system except it is car rental. So with a accountability and security in check which would be our next step using the location and odometer API in the smart car at the very least, we would want there to be a nation wide car rental service. A smaller incomplete idea is having the car key in the car and allowing the customer to access the car with a remote access or mobile with security and utility measures in check. One step at a time though.

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