Tired of always missing someone in your family picture because they have to be behind the phone to take the picture? Sick your arms cramping up after twenty tries on taking a selfie? These seemingly small but irritating problems build up over time and can prevent the perfect picture from being taken in many settings.

Now, the APT is out and allows you to take pictures with your phone by simply pressing a button on a remote control. All you have to do is place your phone on a docking station, set it on a counter, and walk to the picture location with the remote in your hand. When you press the button on the remote, the stylus on the APT presses on the camera button and takes a photo. This useful device can be used by anyone to take group shots or individual shots. No longer do you need to worry about the unflattering selfie angle or being left out of what could be the cutest friend group picture!


It started with a generation of sharing selfies…. Selfies which have become a huge part of our lives. We want pictures to tell our story, to hold on to those precious memories and sometimes because it’s just our hobby to do so. Whatever the reason, the APT team want to make this process as enjoyable as can be.

Technical Aspects

The APT uses bluetooth to link two arduinos. The master module is on the remote control you have in your hand. The remote contains a button which when pressed, will print out the character ‘L’ and transmits a signal to the slave module and arduino inside our docking station. When the slave receives the signal that ‘L’ is being printed, it signals the servo attached on the outside of the docking station to rotate 30 degrees. When the button is released, the character ‘H’ is printed instead and the slave will return the servo back to zero degrees. Attached to the servo is a stylus which will press the photo button on the camera: this takes the picture. Releasing the button moves the stylus back to its default position. This allows your to take a picture and also a snapchat video if you hold the button down.


The docking station is a simplistic design that contains the slave module, arduino, and a power pack inside of it. The hardware is accessible by removing the back. This makes the overall design of APT compact. On the top is a stand to place and balance the phone between. The padding allows phones of different sizes to fit comfortably inside..The case is made from modelling rectangular pieces on solidworks, laser cutting them on acrylic, and then supergluing them together. The stylus is attached onto a servo, which is connect to the back of the case. It uses velcro to latch onto the case so it is adjustable depending on where the photo button is located on your phone.

Why choose APT? (Marketing Viability)

After all, there is the selfie stick. However, we, the producers of APT have used the selfie stick before too. And we noted issues which may seem small: for example, how tension builds up while holding the stick when taking multiple trials for the perfect picture. Another instance is of being left out in a picture because no one else can take it. In addition to this, are the struggles faced in using an automatic timer. We could continue ignoring them, or we could opt for APT - a reliable, fun, and affordable alternative. With this in mind, you can choose to enhance your experiences now by choosing APT. Moreover, the remote control remains linked to the docking station up to the range of an entire football field. This will allow you to take videos and pictures anywhere in the camera range, not just an arms length away.

This product is perfect for anyone who owns an Android and enjoys taking nice, classy pictures. No matter our age, we will always want to capture the perfect moments on our phones. The APT is more than just a device- it’s an extension of your phone that allows you to store your happiest experiences forever.


Currently we are using a stylus that only works on Android phone screens. We experiment with a couple of Apple styluses along with capacitors and batteries but are still in the process of finding a universal stylus that works with all phones. We also had trouble compacting our device and making the servo/stylus portion adjustable so it can be used for phones of different sizes.

Key Skills Gained

In this project, we learned the importance of prototyping, persistence, and patience. The ideas in our head never carry out the same way in real life but thinking of different solutions and always having more backup ideas is essential. We also learned how to use Solidworks and Laser cut to make the APT.

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