I was playing Guitar Hero one day and thought it would be cool to make a Guitar Hero controller make music.

Its a system designed to teach music theory in a way more accessible than using an actual musical instrument.

Built largely using Unity, we used it as an actual guitar in which we linked the controller keys to sound samples from an actual guitar we brought, and had the Unity Engine play the correct sounds as the controller is played.

A lot of learning was involved. Andrew and Perry had to learn how to use music editing software, Zach had to decipher how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, and Will had to learn Unity. We had to record our own guitar samples which was a challenge because our plan was to use Line Level, which was more difficult than expected.

As a team this is the first hackathon project we finished by end of hacking. Every member of the team gained experience using a software they had never used before. We also made a proper menu tree in Unity for the first time.

We are currently compiling the program to WebGL to allow us to run this program off the internet. Our project lead, Perry, plans to use this system to teach students about music theory back at his University. We have a large amount of unused audio material which we will be adding in to expand the systems functionality.

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