As first-year CS students, our team did not have much prior exposure to programming before college and now we love it so much! That's why we want to increase the reach of STEM for younger students by creating engaging and fun games.

What it does

It teaches younger students the basics of Java and helps them practice their newly learned skills in a mock STEM career environment.

How we built it

We used Java for the coding portions and Photoshop for design elements. If we had more time, we would implement a fully configured GUI to better engage the user.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints on figuring out how to properly implement a GUI that acts as an input-output scrolling console.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the digitally designed elements from scratch and the unique, almost meta-like game concept.

What we learned

We learned about JLabels, JPanels, JFrames, JTextArea, but were unable to weave them properly into a well functioning GUI given the time constraints.

What's next for Wired Gets You Hired

We would love to get the GUI to work and to hopefully add animations to the game to make it even more exciting! We are hopeful for the future :)

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