My fiancée, Melanie, and I decided to build Wiplo after multiple frustrating experiences with other project management applications. We believe quality design is crucial to the enterprise software space, and employees should have delightful user experiences when using tools to manage their work.

What it does

Wiplo helps teams collaborate effectively and move work forward. Columns represent stages of workflow, cards represent the work that needs to be done, and labels help categorize cards. Columns, cards, and labels are all fully customizable to allow a wide variety of projects to function within Wiplo. Cards also have a menu of slash commands that gives users many hidden features (i.e. if a user types “/onedrive” they can attach a file from their microsoft one drive account).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have only been around for about a month, but we already have 30 companies utilizing Wiplo on a daily basis. They come from all over the world, from San Francisco to South Korea.

What we learned

Great customer service goes a long way. We make sure to reply to customer emails within minutes, and keep a personal relationship with almost every customer. This helps us understand our users more, and they feel comfortable sharing feature ideas and sending screenshots of any bugs they encounter.

What's next for Wiplo

Our goal is to grow Wiplo's monthly recurring revenue to $10,000 by the end of 2017, while keeping it a two-person family company. We're getting married in September! :)

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posted an update

We also just added card templates, so you can save a card's contents as a template and apply it to all future cards you create in a project! This is a great way to avoid starting from scratching every time, and saves our users time.

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