Looking at MedPace’s challenge, we wanted to create something different that would not only streamline the online clinical trial process, but better another portion of it as well. We also wanted to try our hand at Fifth Third’s challenge to increase knowledge and passion for a useful field for people. We were able to combine these to create a site that gives people who might not have otherwise been able to access these clinical trials a way to participate in things that they have a passion for/give them a passion for. This also allows for online clinical trials to reach people in farther physical locations, which can increase diversity and inclusion in those, which is something that is often overlooked/not able to be focused on in a meaningful capacity.

What it does

Our site ClinicalConnections aims to be a hub for individuals to connect with clinical trial organizers and organizations. The organizations would ideally be vetted before being given a profile, to increase transparency for the potential patients. The patients themselves may never have known about the possibility of participating without our site, which increases education and awareness. Many people want to help others, especially groups they are a part of, so being upfront with what types of people these trials are in need of can give the patients an idea of who those trials aim to help. The site consists of four pages: Home, Trials, Organizations, and Legal. Home and Legal are information regarding the site itself; the mission statement, legalities regarding HIPPA, etc. Trials is a grid of cards for each open clinical trial, which links to the organization putting it on so patients can do more accurate and informed research. These profiles then both link back to Trials, as well as link to the Organizations tab which shows a grid of cards for all the organizations on the site, which can all be viewed in more detail on the individual cards. The overarching goal of ClinicalConnections is to bring the clinical trial process into the modern age, with transparency, passion, and reach.

How we built it

We hosted our website on GitHub Pages. We used the classical front end technologies — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us were extremely well versed in website creation, and Faith was the only one who had made projects with it in the past, so this was a good challenge. We had difficulties setting up the HTML/CSS files in the beginning, but the project took off once those were set up. Elias found it especially difficult to do HTML/CSS formatting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Faith was able to implement JavaScript correctly at this hackathon, which was not the case at MakeUC last semester. Elias was happy to learn more HTML, and was able to meaningfully contribute to the project.

What we learned

Both of us got better at front end development. We used GitHub Pages for the first time, which made getting the website up and running much easier. Faith was able to use and actually implement JavaScript to allow for navbar navigation, which was a first. Elias was able to put into practice a lot of basic web dev knowledge for the first time as well. He learned a lot of front end, and how to put it into practice.

What's next for ClinicalConnections

In the future, it would be great to really flesh out the account creation for clinical trial organizations. If the site was able to get big, it would also be great for individuals to create accounts if participating in multiple trials. In terms of actual technologies, taking it off of GitHub Pages to also for a dynamic website would also open many more doors in terms of scaling up the website.

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