WInT is the abbreviation of the query "Who's In There". It was inspired when living a real struggle, for my friends and I, remembering all the schedules. I believe all the students and even teachers always have the same issue. "Where is my next classroom?" "What's the 10 o'clock class about?" "Who is our next teacher?" All are some questions we have when running late or even when coming before the time, when we study in a big institute with lots of classrooms and we do not know which one to attend.

What it does

Using this app will save many the embarrassment of knocking the wrong classrooms. It will also limit the disruption of a teacher during his course just to find out this is not your class to attend.
So the app aims to help students and professors with their schedule avoiding wasting time looking for answers and it will present a solution for such problems and questions.

How I built it

I took the example of my institute -the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology (INSAT)- with this app, to see in real-time which teacher and what is the course about through every classroom I pass. Using react 360, I took a 360° photo in my institute. And in a Virtual Reality scene, a box containing information about the classroom will appear when clicking on the info panel.

Challenges I ran into

Using a new framework and trying to translate my thoughts into code was challenging as I have limited knowledge in programming and in dealing with frameworks. Also, trying to take a professional photo to make a more realistic VR scene was tough due to my limited resources.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to be part of this hackathon and also for persevering and learning tirelessly to make the app.

What I learned

I developed my programming skills, acquired knowledge about React360 and learned about the three featured technologies for the hackathon and what they are used for, and I chose to work with React360.

What's next for WInT

The next step is to make the application more dynamic by showing its a user each schedule for each class selected in a virtual reality environment after entering the institute name and try to expand its method to be applicable in different areas. My vision consists that the same idea of this app can be used in agencies and offices to provide detailed information for what is going on or what service does the wanted office offer without entering or asking or to make a search for restaurants or coffees and browse the menus before entering.

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