Average student debt in Canada is $30k. We want to give new grads the cheapest credit possible.

Two-sided web app that first let's new grads automate all future monthly student loan payments. Then, banks use a dashboard which allows them to offer the new grad a cheaper loan. Once the bank makes an offer, the new grad is alerted and the offer is pushed to the new grad's dashboard in real-time. Winston also visualizes the cost savings that they will receive if they take the bank's loan.

Used latest and greatest web technologies such as MeteorJS and ReactJS.

Major pivot that forced us to abandon our initial idea.

Getting a fully functional product done in less than 15 hours.

Learned that students can finance their government-issued debt through cheaper bank credit. It's an easy way to save on interest costs. I also learned about product management and accessing bank data.

We plan on launching the product and onboarding a loan officer at a national bank as a pilot.

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