A Few days before the competition we decided to choose a problematic related to our fields in Energy efficiency ,however the first day of the competition we chose to take the train to get to the work centre but it didn’t arrive at the expected time and we found no other solution than taking our cars,sadly we came across the traffic jam and missed the introduction speech of AEC. therefore we were affected by this congestion of transport .And as we were ready to take public (despite having a car) transport to avoid traffic jams and parking problems ,we are thet we are faced to a society ready to switch to public transport.

What it does

Wino is a free application designed for public use that allow users of public transportation to get the most optimal itinerary to their chosen destination with real time information about cost and schedule The application takes into consideration all public transportation available in Algiers and its suburbs (Metro, Tramway, public and private buses, taxis and local Ubers)

How I built it

using android studio ; along with firebase ; google cloud and BigQuery.

Challenges I ran into

finding real time data for all transportation modes. how to be profitable with this startup

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the fact of we find a way to know the routes by exploiting to smartphone of every driver

What I learned

team work , repartition of tasks , exploiting all the resources we have

What's next for wino

lunching the App in the real world

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