In switzerland Wohnbau Genossenschaften are trying to do achieve this everyday long before Corona hit us. The Allgemeine Wohnbaugenossenschaft Zürich (ABZ) gave us the inspiration, their experience and the tool to support the process of growing communities. This is how we put the puzzle together to implement WINK Community Edition and take the experience of ABZ and make it available to everybody.

What it does

Through an Android, iOS and web browser application we make it accessible for all. The WINK Community Edition provides an interactive Pinboard to communicate and meet the people that live in your area. It provides a an exchange area “the marketplace” to offer goods and services, as well as items to loan to the community. A user has full control over the data he wants to share on his profile. Though a lot of other platforms offer similar functionalities they are either island solutions only offering only one aspect e.g. offering goods (e.g. ebay, tutti) or a communication platform (e.g. facebook, whatsapp). All of those tools neglect the necessity of proximity and community building in order to build a self organized support system. They also either have high entry barriers or overflow you with information that are not relevant.

How we built it

For the Solution we are using WINK, a platform in use for several years with a closed community of over 4000 people on it. Originally developed by ABZ we are enhancing it with relevant features to make it easier to offer or seak support in a distinct neighbourhood. Also we needed to take out the features relevant for property management. WINK is developed in ruby on rails and Ionic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are close to release a test version of the app and we have a landingpage.

What we learned

Working together for a common goal the virus situation is motivating.

What's next for Wink community app

The WINK App will continue to be developed in it's original form and we hope to also grow a community to contribute to the new WINK Community Edition.

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