We realized that in this pandemic there was an extreme lack of resources (gloves, masks, etc.), and we wanted an app that would allow health care workers to see where covid cases are most prevalent.

What it does

  • users can either request PPE supplies or donate PPE supplies

How we built it

  • Angular -figma for rough draft of UI -mapbox api -machine learning to keep map in real time -html

Challenges we ran into

  • devpost wouldn't work, kept deleting all our stuff at the last minute

  • getting mapbox API to work

  • learning how to use figma for the first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • applying machine learning

  • the website looks great

  • madhavs first hackathon

What we learned

  • always submit your project early

What's next for COVID-19 Map

  • getting real donors to buy PPE and donate them, getting more countries onto the live map, getting real doctors on board.

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