Table #68 Wingman is a web application built based on the belief of changing the habit of visiting the same places. We want to help people connect with new destinations by giving them alternatives and the ability of selecting your preferences. Avoid the routine. Let the wingman app help you connect with new places and adventures.

What it does

Wingman makes a foursquare query that brings out many different places, considered by our team, cool to be on a date. It can be tailored to your place preferences and interests.

How we built it

Using Ruby on Rails and the Foursquare and Uber API.

Challenges we ran into

Tireness, slow response from the API's and an outdated gem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to built a working prototype of an idea that we had from past hackathons, and we will start using it today. That's how proud we are.

What we learned

APIs handling, better communications skills and to keep having a lot of fun

What's next for Wingman

Machine Learning for sure. We want to use social media to adapt preferences automatically. More APIs such as Spotify's to recommend events such as music festivals, concerts, etc. Google Maps APIs where we can color the map given different trayectories. More and more can come. There's a bright future for Wingman.

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