Spring Break is coming up, but I've been too busy studying to plan anything. I wanted to go to the beach with my friends, but isn't it too late to get plane tickets? What should I do? Your boss just lets you know that you're doing great, and he's giving you next week off. You have some bucket list adventures you've thought about, but planning vacations take effort. What should you do? My parents' anniversary is coming up, and my dad wants to surprise my mom with a trip to somewhere romantic. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what romance is, and he just realized his anniversary is tomorrow. What should he do?

Just WingIt!

WingIt was inspired by our last-minute tendencies, combined with a passion for frugal air travel solutions. We used Sabre's REST API and Mashery's weather API to develop an application to help people find flights through the next five days. Instead of specifying their destination, they get to choose their type of adventure. Will you be headed outdoors? Visiting historic museums? Going to the beach? Whatever your desired journey, we have engineered a solution for you.

It's never too late to take a break; just WingIt!

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