Inspiration came from a personal experience of my dad putting my entire family through airport bootcamp before flying for the first time. He wanted us to know exactly what to expect but he also did not want our family to be the one holding up lines because we did not know what we were doing. We drew inspiration from this experience to create an app that gave everyone a chance to go through airline bootcamp.

What it does

This app has many compelling features. There is a preflight section that gives a step-by-step procedure on getting to your terminal while also providing valuable information and tips. The app also has an inflight feature that counts down to arrival, gives information on what the passenger will be feeling or hearing during different parts of the trip, provides advice on how to remain calm, gives turbulence tracking information letting the passenger know what to expect on their ride and even has an in app game to keep the passenger's mind off of the plane ride.

How we built it

Using Swift

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a usable product that can help a wide range consumers and will change the airport experience.

What's next for Winging It

Continuing to work on adding all the elements we want to be included into the app. Also we would like to create an international portion of the app that gives step-by-step directions for airports in other countries, where the regulations are different.

Built With

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