We're all busy college students. Sometimes, it's just not possible to get 5-6 people to meet and do homework together. Often times, we form study groups and in trying to accommodate everyone's schedules, we end up not meeting at all or leaving it to the last minute. Collaboration is so important, but why are we still stuck trying to coordinate meetings in person? We want to take the study group to the 21st century.

Winger (named after study-group aficionado "Jeff Winger" from NBC's Community) solves this problem by providing an ecosystem for collaborative work. We offer study groups that students can create and join at the click of a button. Each group has a group chat system, OneDrive integration for filesharing and uploading problem sets, as well as a To-Do list.

The beauty of Winger lies in the To-Do list. Each entry, whether it's a problem set question, study topic, general question, has a live whiteboard space for collaboration. The space comes with its own chat and retains the OneDrive for pulling up relevant documents. Now, students can actually collaborate and use the whitespace to solve problem sets collectively. Freehand drawings and equations, text boxes, photos, and LateX, are all supported by the Whiteboards. They can be saved as images and used as notes or handed in as full solutions.

It's time to start studying smarter and better.

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