It is late at night, you are at a party. Everything is perfect people, music and the atmosphere. You dance and flow through the crowd. Eventually, you meet someone special and show her your best moves. She likes you and joins you. You guys have lots of fun and decide to go back to your place (to look at your vintage computer games collection). But there is a problem... You are a college student. Which means that you are living with a roommate... Going to back to your place seemed like a great idea until you remember that. You never know your room is available or not, your roommate is quite unpredictable.

Thanks to CodeMonkeys WingBuddy comes to the rescue!

WingBuddy is a platform that is spread accross multiple devices, ranging from microprocessors with IoT cores to mobile devices. With your WingBuddy app you can see whether your room is empty or not, can notify your roommate instantly with a press of a single button of your special guest, summon your WingBuddy, if you need help with anything and collect points as you help others and be a good WingBuddy.

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