We always found the online and offline retail situation for wine exceptionally challenging. We were overwhelmed by the huge selection of wines available in wine shops. We were lost finding wines that we liked and often we were not able to exactly explain what we like or what kind of wine we were looking for. Also the staff in wine stores had problems to properly identify our preferences so that it took quite a long time of interaction and tasting many wines to find a good match. At the moment the situtation got even worse, since tasting wines in stores is not possible due to corona. This inspired us to create Wine Genie - Your Personal Digital Sommelier as a tool to solve these issues. We think it would be a perfect add on for Square in any wine related retail situation online or offline in stores and even restaurants.

What it does

WineGenie integrates data (ERP, POS, e-commerce systems, spreadsheets etc.) holding the inventory of a wine store. A mobile website specific for a wine store enables customers to identify their taste profile with a short innovative questionaire. Based on that profile WineGenie can recommend matching wines. WineGenie can also be deployed as plugins to webshops.

Challenges we ran into

Setup a demo store to showcase the solution with Square.

What we learned

We need to get in touch with Square staff to elaborate integration options in more detail.

What's next for WineGenie@Square

Finalize interface to Square synchronize inventory data.

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