Current cell phones offer pack sensors such as pedometer and accelerometer. These sensors work together to continually monitor various aspects of a user's daily life. Surprisingly, the data collected by such sensors is not fully used for individual's health and wellness. This disappointing fact inspires us to develop an app that provides a novel way of exploiting the activity data. We combine music player and running training together on a single app!

How it works

We categorize musics by BPM(beats per minute). The app will play music which perfectly matches runner's tempo. The app offers two kinds of mode: "Free mode" and "Training mode".

  1. In the "Free mode", the app can switch songs based on runner's tempo. It would plays high BPM songs when the runner runs fast. This mode can motivate the runner by playing perfect songs.
  2. In the "Training mode", the app will play the playlist selected by user. While running, the app will be not only a music player, but also a smart trainer who keeps reminding user to keep a proper tempo.

Challenges I ran into

Count user's step from Android Phone, and testing all night to find out the boundary of different activity level. Implement a new Media Player but encounter a system bug.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We accomplished an app which can offer the best running experience for music lovers. And it works! People can enjoy music meanwhile become a healthier person .

What I learned

If we carefully observe our surrounding popular things and build a health and wellness app upon them, this app can be born to be popular. Everyone loves music, so that they naturally accept this kind of music-player app. The widely acceptance is important because it means more people can benefit from it.

What's next for WindRunner

The ultimate goal of the app is to offer the best music as well as smartly assisting training process.

Firstly, we plan to add a feature of using user's history data to offer training advices, this can enhances the health function. We will definitely provide social features to support sharing playlist, training progress with friends. Meanwhile, we will launch a rank-system and badge-system to encourage sharing and simulate exercising.

Secondly, we will add a feature of supporting streaming songs. The online music-providers can give new songs as bonus to frequent users who can always push themselves to the limit.

In the near future, we will make great efforts on integrating variety of sensors' data, such as altimeter, compass, GPS, and heart rate monitor.

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