Window Share

Intuitive content sharing. Simply drag a program window from one computer to another.

Seamless, local sharing Window Share is the most intuitive way for you to share the things you enjoy with those close to you, help your co-workers on their projects, use multiple computers for optimum efficiency, or get through the wee hours of the morning at your next hackathon.

Drag and drop. All you need to do is move your mouse off the side of your screen and it controls the computer next to you. If you’re grabbing a window, it’ll send whatever file is open in that window along for the ride. And if they don’t have the program you have the file open in, it will open in their default.

Cross-platform Yes, if you drag a Notepad file onto your friend’s Mac, it’ll open Textedit. (It’s a new way to pass notes in class)

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