Web apps are forthcoming & trending line of business applications.

How it works

Download the Sears app by Native Earthling from the Windows store. App pulls updated data from sears website. Free and ad free

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

President's Circle; Golden Eagle Sponsor; Eagle Scout; Order of the Arrow; Boy Scouts of America. Microsoft Partner Networks Windows Developer, Cloud Developer, Game Developer, AmeriCorps grant applicant, National Science Foundation; Robotics Initiative grant applicant; American Intercontinental University; BBA: International Business; UNESCO Media accreditation; NASA-JPL; Special Media Relations III

What I learned

Sears commerce feature enables sell at sears program

What's next for Windows/ Phone App: Sears

millions of downloads, increased profit for Sears (blue chip stock)

Built With

  • appstudio
  • windows-dev-center
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