Windows 10 introduced tons of new features to make your life easier. You never need to question whether or not Microsoft is spying on your keystrokes anymore, and with updates that you can't deny, you never need to worry about deciding when to restart your computer for updates! Your computer is restarting in the middle of a lecture? No problem, because Microsoft loves you and they just wanted to make sure that you have the latest software! Isn't it incredible that you don't even have to leave your desktop to see advertisements for products you may want!

Now, with Windows 11, your life will be even easier.


Microsoft™ Advanced Business Model Threat Protection: Now, whenever Windows 11 detects that you are searching for dangerous and illegal alternative operating systems like Linux, or dangerous communist propaganda like Open Source, Microsoft™ Advanced Business Model Threat Protection will neutralize the threat by closing the tab for you!

Microsoft™ Idea Piracy Protection: Microsoft protects you from illegally using our intellectual property, by correcting your keyboard when phrases like "microsoft sucks" are entered illegally into your computer.

In progress - Microsoft Enhanced Privacy: Whenever Windows 11 detects that you are browsing email, it will read aloud your messages to make your life easier.

Challenges we ran into

Working with keyloggers, python and text to speech was such a massive pain. It took us 4 hours to get pyttsx working on Windows. Getting the chrome extension to work was also a massive pain

It works cross-platform, and can be modified to do any keylogging/text-to-speech goodness.

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