We see an opportunity for in-flight entertainment to take a new leap. VR headsets will allow passengers to experience quality entertainment without needing to leave their seats.

What it does

Allows passengers to view their flight from new angles in real time as their plane travels. They can look out from a virtual window seat at any time and see their live progress, or exit the plane in a virtual space to watch as the ground below flies by,

How we built it

Implemented using the C# scripting in the Unity engine and Android SDK. The user can simply download the app onto their phone and view the experience through their VR headset.

Challenges we ran into

Performance had to be optimized for a quality experience on various Android devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our first successful venture into virtual reality. Included many features beyond what we expected to accomplish.

What we learned

Experience in the Unity API and the VR development pipeline, along with methods of retrieving high resolution satellite images from global databases.

What's next for Window Seat

Our hack can easily be expanded beyond real-time flight visualizations to provide a wide variety of VR experiences for passengers, including virtual movie theaters and community experiences shared with other passengers.

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