If you're at all interested in repurposing broken devices, you've probably seen people turn damaged computer monitors into glorious lamps. But we decided to take things two steps further, transplanting a perished monitor's optics into a sleek, modern frame and then connecting it to the internet. In so doing, we've created a bright and colorful window into any online data source, alongside an intelligent lighting panel which can suit the needs of the day.

What it does

Window currently has two modes which showcase its essential capabilities. Fairly standard is color cycling, which allows us to either pick a color we'd like to use to light up a space, or flow gradually throughout the device's gamut of color. The other mode allows Window to take in online data and map it to a range of colors. Currently, it's set up to read the relative change in Bitcoin pricing every minute, and change between shades of red, yellow, and green to reflect these changes.

How we built it

Window was built from a deconstructed backlit LCD monitor, an LED strip, and metal beams.

Challenges we ran into

The frame and LCD screen elements were difficult to align without industry production tools, and we worked around the memory limit of our microcontroller.

What's next for Window

New modes, visualization, making your life more relaxing! For example, Window can easily be adapted to change color temperature based on mood or time of day.

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