In rural areas, where electricity is ephemeral and wind is prevalent , harnessing the power of the wind is critical to maintaining sustenance. The fact that we take electricity for granted and how there is more to the story than just plugging a socket into an outlet showed us that there is indeed much that we have yet to learn. In our project, we utilized wind, both artificial (drill) and real (fans) to generate electricity in order to power a rechargeable battery pack attached to the back of a steel rod. With this rechargeable battery pack, a person could then theoretically take this power to an smartphone during critical moments such as needing to make a necessary call or an emergency text message. The features that we are most proud of are the amount of output we received (5-7V) which is enough to power many smartphones despite the time constraint and the lack of supplies we had. Our target audience would primarily be those living in cold, harsh climates where although they have access to nature's finest elements (wind, water, and fire), they don't necessarily have access to humanity's modern convenience, electricity. Therefore, we came about an alternative method of obtaining energy that is both affordable and efficient.

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