The wind harp of Michigan Tech has been resting in its current location since the fall of the copper empire (actually just 2012). The wind harp was the brainchild of the friends of the garden and artist: Ashok Agarwak. Unfortunately the wind harp doesn't work, it is however still beautiful. The win harp works to create a working version of the the harp from all aspects of design including wind generation and noise flirtation.

What it does

When it is turned on, the win harp immediately gets to work creating wind. When the wind blows, the harp begins making beautiful flows.

How I built it

1) Gather Parts 2) Solder Parts 3) Drop it on floor 4) Cry 5) Fix the mess

Challenges I ran into

1) The floor tends to break things 2) Taylor, my fearless neighbor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

100) win harp

What I learned

1) Floors are hard 2) People like learning about eagle (Woo Connor)

What's next for "Wind Harp"

"Wind Harp" was conceived for a limited time only. View it while it lasts.

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