The recent rise in ride-share and ride-hailing companies is truly remarkable. Whenever a new type of business opportunity is invented and introduced, whether it is the invention of airplane or the introduction of e-commerce, too many new companies come up and attempt to grab the opportunity. Many of them miss to understand and adhere to the fundamentals of the techno-economic viability of that business type, and fail to survive beyond a few days.

What it does

This project is an attempt to offer some tips to ride-share and ride-hail companies, so that such companies can stay longer in the business, and drivers, passengers, society, and the government are benefited by their business.

How I built it

A simple web-site is built, and some tips are added in the form of text and images.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the industry at large and extracting some tips was not an easy task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am hopeful that these tips will be helpful.

What I learned

The "bathtub model" used in the reliability theory is applicable in understanding the business survivability.

What's next for Win-Win

I might add some more techno-economic details.

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