Inspired from all the crosswords and puzzles I work on


This project is a well needed help especially when you are worried of loosing the word scrabble game. All that needs to be done is input the game board. It takes up the user input board game into consideration and notifies you with the next better move for you to move forward in the winning path and also provides you with the score you could possibly get if you follow up the move suggested.


It's built up using python, html, css, javascript and json files. Have written the application logic for the game to prompt us with the next possible move using the words text file, which acts a dictionary for guiding up with suggestions. This hack would make every word scrable player a winner


It was challenge as the .py file should take up the input from dictionary and integrating them with front end files using html and css. Directing the data using javascript and json and most importantly binding them all together. Faced lot of struggle with application file as that wasn't reading up the input data and taking up the alphabets. It was a diring but fulfilling experience to work on games being a non-gamer.


Glad I could achieve this within lesser time and got this work and run successfully. I am proud of what I did. Absolutely being a newbie in front end, scratching the surface and building this up on own was kind of intimidating at first but my strong will never allowed me to give up and had finally brought up this fun hack.


I had learnt basic web developement, integrating json files for taking up the text automatically and enabling them words file. Bringing these links into application usage and creating styles and index files and what not. Learnt basic way of representing classes for html, css and javascript.


The next plan for this project would be to make it compatible with the screens be in android or windows. Had some difficulty here to make it squeeze in right fram.e This would be my next goal for future.

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