The point that inspired us for Win in Green is that our consumption and therefore our waste increased during our stay at Covid-19. Instead of going out, many of us prefer to shop online and we also increase fossil fuel emissions due to motor couriers. We have the idea to solve all this in a circular economy.

What it does

Win in Green is a unique tool for the sustainability of natural life, while allowing individuals and institutions to manage their waste in the transformation economy.

How we built it

With the Win in Green application, customers can recycle their waste such as glass, plastic, paper in their homes through our application. Customers state that they have recyclable waste through the App before ordering. When the courier delivers the order, he/she receives the waste from the customer, maintains it in Win in Green's special Antibacterial Case and leaves it to the nearest recycling area previously determined on the return path. We plan to ensure the commercialization of Win in Green while creating a new income item for the couriers in this ecosystem, in collaboration with the recycling companies that the municipalities have agreed with. Thanks to our sponsors / collaborations, our customers earn discount coupons as their collected waste accumulates, while at the same time “you saved 100 trees this year” and so on. interactions with socially beneficial messages such as, are maintained.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since the recycling containers are not sufficient and accessible, recycling waste is still being thrown away. Our project is fully integrated into the living conditions of today and differentiated by providing social and economic benefits to users.

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