Diversity and job empowerment for minorities is a growing priority for STEM companies that reveals benefits in many different measurements of success, including profit, creativity, and performance.

As women engineers and as officers of the Society of Women Engineers at the University of Washington, we live and see the difference in companies that value gender equality in the workplace and want to empower users to educate their decisions using transparent data.

There are many articles about which companies are the most inclusive and platforms (ex: Glassdoor) for people to review their company based on different parameters. However, users often do not know where this information comes from and for the latter case requires a large number of people to be utilizing the platform for it to be useful. Social media provides platforms for companies to and users alike users to share their voice-- To an extent, companies hold the power to control and communicate their values, while at the same time, individuals are free to share their opinions and experiences without a filter. Our web app adds value to this data to draw connections between company efforts and public opinion, which encourages awareness on both sides.

With win.do we hope to encourage companies to push for D&I in recruitment and programming by demonstrating the benefits and positives that diverse and inclusive teams offer. A sentiment score will help companies to reflect upon their practices and their contribution to the discussion around gender and women in the workplace.

Future Plans:

  • Create an interactive website for companies, current employees, and potential employees
  • Expand criteria for sentiment score or provide separate scores for different topics within diversity and inclusion
  • Provide rankings for company sentiment scores
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