Inspiration came from the idea of developing something that could help without interfere too much with the current overwhelmed health processes. The critic activity that most people must do is to go shopping for basic necessities. This can be the only crowded place in which COVID-19 can spread.

What it does

Given the above inspirations, WIMI (Where Is My Item) is an app (Android / iOS) that aims to reduce the traffic by optimizing accesses to commercial activities.

  • Scan the map of the available stores.
  • Allow users to give feedbacks regarding availability of a product in a given store.
  • Allow to search by product the nearby commercial activities that can provide the product.

How we built it


  • Flutter (Dart)


  • Flask (Python) REST API
  • Docker compose


  • Amazon web services (AWS)

Challenges we ran into

  • Develop the entire application given the small team (2 people).
  • Tackle very fast deliveries.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Make a working application from scratch.
  • Idea that can really help the society to tackle this issue.
  • Amazing technical achievement.

What we learned

  • Organizational strategies

What's next for Wimi

  • Add other types of feedbacks (some of them already supported by the backend)
  • Add queue feedback functionality
  • Add feedback regarding activities opening times
  • Use GPS to augment queue data
  • Use AI to predict product availabilities & queue times
  • Release application
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