Pitch Struggling to find services near you? Introducing WIMa or otherwise known as, What’s in my Area. WIMA is a responsive mobile web application designed to assist you in finding local services.


We have all been in a time of need. Finding the right solutions can be a daunting, hopeless and occasionally a stressful process. In addition to this, not knowing who to turn to can lead to making repetitive counter productive appointments while only finding vague solutions with no professional direction. Our web application aims to show you local services faster thus providing a range of solutions and reducing stress.

Wima (Whats in my area) is simple much-needed web app that can help you find local intervention services in your area

What it does

From locating all local intervention options including government assistance, private consultancy services to notifying you about events available locally, WIMA puts your interest at heart by shining light on various local solutions you may not be aware of.

How we built it

We came up with different ideas and voted on one that would have a long-term positive impact on society. We identified our strength and weakness then allocated task accordingly. Some individuals focused on the front end while others focused on the backend. To ensure unity, we would collaborate every hour and talk about our individual progress and challenges regarding design, backend or API usage.

We worked as a team.

Challenges we ran into

We had only 24rs to come up with a working solution, therefore, we could not add all the features we desired. We had a limited time to explore and experiment with new APIs such as ESRI which lead to difficulties understanding it and using its full potential .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The intricate details on the web app . The teamwork. The commitment and people prioritizing work over sleep. New skills we have learned and challenges we conquered . Finding a gap in the market. Its a new venture for some our team members as they explored new .

What we learned

How to use new APIs

What's next for wima

We plan to add more features including smarter interaction features such as voice recognition or suggestions based on previous searches.

Auto data gathering feature.

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