Diversity is an immense part of what makes Miami the cultural hotspot that it is today. Barriers to inclusivity and diversity are all fundamentally nested in one thing: communication. It is through effective communication that it is possible to break down these barriers and make an impact; not only in our community but in the global community as a whole. The one thing that has united civilizations throughout the test of time has been language, and it is language that will unite us all for a world of happiness, peace, inclusivity, and diversity.

What it does

WIM is the solution to the language barrier problem we have faced as a result of the globalization of our rapidly evolving society. It is through this rapid evolution, this technological innovation, that our team is seeking to unite us together for a better world. Using the latest advances in serverless technology, chat systems, and neural translation engines, our team has _ united _ the best of what technology offers and used it to _ unite _ the world.

How we built it

As a team seeking to revolutionize the world, we sought out a company that has done just that; for that, we had to look no further than the renowned With the timely release of their latest revolutionary cloud offering, Wix Code, this innovative company has opened the door for rapidly evolving teams and products like ours to create the impossible and seek to create whatever we put out minds to.

Challenges we ran into

At first, despite the seemingly impossible task that loomed ahead, we intended to use regular technologies. But a grandiose vision requires a grandiose solution. We were quick to learn this when we found that standard technologies and industry standards were difficult, cumbersome and error-prone for complex tasks of this magnitude; hence not being able to achieve the initial iteration of our product. It was the rapid identification of failure in the status quo that an effective team communication, a tenant of society that we hold very dearly, that allowed our team to productively assess the situation and find a superior solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the game-breaking achievement that Wix accomplished, opening the doors for creators to change the world, it was up to us, the developer, to realize their vision and actually take this opportunity and make an impact in the world. The beauty of flexible, user-friendly, and open platforms such as Wix Code is that they allow us to create things that can transcend the expectations and furthest dreams of the platform's creators. Who could have envisioned that a platform like Wix Code could power such a powerful creature with such an amazing vision? We feel blessed to have been able to realize this vision and create that which we were so beautifully empowered to make.

What we learned

This hackathon has been one of the most educational experiences we have ever had as we grew individually and as a team by working together and utilizing the front-end Wix platform to conceive of a real-time text communication platform. By overcoming these challenges, we were able to break down the walls that people all over the world face when trying to come together.

What's next for WIM

As we were able to succeed in the creation of this application, one of our wishes is to empower others to not cease to take on the opportunity to do even more and focus on solving problems in their own communities, no matter the scale, and join in our effort to bring the young or old from all sorts of backgrounds together.

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