-Families are worried about the care of their elderly at retirement homes. As a team we care about our elders and wanted something to assist them with life several have a deceased partner and feel lonely. We wanted something that could provide a companion feel like Wilson in the movie Castaway while also providing metrics to monitor health in real time.

What it does

The system compiles data to learn about its user. It provides companionship and reminders or menial tasks. The system also monitors several health metrics to ensure the customer is always at optimal and warns loved ones when that's not the case.

How we built it

blood.sweat. and tear.....also a lot of red bull. We used google speech to text to fill dialog. Node will parse the dialog and Watson runs through the data to give the adequate response. The system also communicates with an arduino which has several systems to monitor the patient in real-time. The system also runs through data with AWS and python to forecast potential health concerns.

Challenges we ran into

Node issues. Amazon issues. Sleep issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We published a web app which can help humanity on a large scale.

What we learned

AWS. Refined python. Refined node. How to stay up 36 hours.

What's next for Wilson Monitoring

Getting the software to run off of phone applications to ensure patient always has access to their Wilson assistant. Entering into new markets.

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