Inpiration:Our Inspiration was that we just wanted to complete the event provided by GunnHacks and MLH, and to show that we are capable of creating a software project. Also the hackathon was listed as a job shadow for our high school so we decided to attend.

Our Project is an html web page that leads to a python script that will compute the percentage that a premier league team will win the League Cup!

Our team built it using JavaScript, Html, CSS, and Python. We used Geany IDE, PyCharm IDE & we used Github to see each others changes to files.

We ran into multiple problems, first being that this was our first hackathon & we both have little experience with javascript , then with our python algorithm, the equation would have an output with one error or the other(we over came that though! :)!

Our accomplishments is that the our dark and light mode actually works, which is very pleasing. Also we finished, we made it to the end of our first hackathon ever.

We learned a lot! We learned how to debug effectily. Also how to use CSS, Javascript and how github works.

What's next for "Will Your Team Win?" well we want ot take this project far & expand it make it available to everyone, so that the next developer like me who NEEDS to know who's going to win the Premier Leaugue will have easy Access!

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