Illegal wildlife trade is worth tens of billions of dollars each year and it directly impacts legally operating businesses, tourism and our mother nature it self which can lead us towards Human-nature, Human-wildlife conflicts. We'll prevent this illegal trade and Conserve our wildlife.


Wildlife Shield Has a lot functions Complain trafficking, Wildlife conservation pledge, Facts and also our upcoming features too which is Far too powerful such as Image processing algorithms, Deep learning and Gun shot detection using acoustic sensors.

How i built it

I used node js in my backend and integrate it to dialogflow also i hosted my webhook using AWS services and Hosted my site too.

Challenges which i ran

I was new to Facebook API. I had experience on creating chatbot for discord so creating chatbot didn't bother me but when i tried creating Handover protocol, personas and one time notification using Facebook API I have been stucked days at certain points but i did.

What i'm proud of

I jave created my first Facebook messenger chat bot and moreover i created it for best of us because if we don't try to protect our wildlife and our nature then who will? So that's what i am proud of To protect our wildlife.

What i learnt

From edge of technology to core of Facebook API and AI.

What's next for Wildlife Shield

I have planned few upcoming features such as "plant a tree" and Also field base features and integrate it to messenger(image processing algo., Deep learning and Gun shot detection using acoustic).

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