They as been poaching of animals from time immemorial and it is increasing as years go by i decided to create the website to minimise danger to endangered animals

What it does

It allows contribution and collaboration of people to save endangered animals

How I built it

I built the project as a website through codepen using html, css and javascript i used some animal images from the web and added green as the color since it is the color of the environment.

Challenges I ran into

Since i required internet and network there is unavailability of network here so it was hard to finish the whole website in time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to build the website and solve some of the problems my community is facing

What I learned

I learnt new things about the programming languages and o used javascript for the first time 😊

What's next for Wildlife protection

I intend to develop it further and use it to save wild animals in Africa and to raise awareness

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