Objective: Create a mobile app interface that will help encourage and inform communities on how to report and actively participate in protecting local wildlife that will:

  • Make Easier ways to report illegal activity.
  • Develop a response matrix that classifies and prioritizes response to incidents.
  • Utilize the matrix data overtime to learn how to better prioritize and have an accurate timeline towards a resolution.
  • This will help set expectation and help us learn from and respond more effectively, prioritize more accurately, and most importantly resolution time will decrease.

The animals are our inspiration. This solves the problem of under reported wildlife crime and improving response times.

Educate / Empower: Informing users of the app what is legal and not legal while creating an intuitive interface that makes it easy to report crime.

Historical Data: This also will facilitate collecting data to help authorities better classify, and prioritize incidents.

Heart: Use the historical data to respond and resolve reported crime faster.

We've used the Santa Monica Bay Harbor in our App Prototype and have included some of the wildlife in the area. The app educates and empowers users to learn about what type of activity is OK and NOT OKAY (legal and illegal), and gives them a simple interface to report crime quickly.

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