Problem Statement

The illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products is a rapidly intensifying problem that requires serious international attention. Unfortunately, international travelers often unknowingly purchase wildlife items made from endangered or protected species and attempt to import them back into their home country. Many travelers do not realize that products and souvenirs made from these species are protected by international or national law and may be seized upon re-entry. In order to help curb this problem, I propose the creation of a mobile app that allows users to input destination and view wildlife and wildlife products to avoid while traveling in the selected destination.

What it does

This application is a prototype for the Wildlife Friendly Traveler web app for the Zoohackaton at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. The application demonstrates how to allow travelers to look up a country they will be traveling to and find information about wildlife trade products and issues, learn more about the species they will be helping to protect, and become better informed Wildlife Friendly Travelers.

Use Cases

  • Cruise Traveling (Incorporate this information into Cruise Shopping Seminars)
  • Appended information to flight tickets
  • JetBlue Video / Awareness (Point to this web app)
  • Mobile App Version
  • Tied into shopping apps

Resources Needed to Continue

  • More research is needed (the perfect intern project!)
  • Add more items to each card, integrate more sources


  • More informed Consumers
  • Decrease in demand for products that play a part in wildlife trafficking

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