About Face Security- We'll never turn away!

Our goal was to create an easy-to-use, simple to set up facial recognition security software.

There major component of our project is a flask server, which serves a web page which contains most of the functionality. This web page makes calls to the Clarifai API, which returns the probability that the screen is seeing a person, and whether or not it is seeing an authorized person.

The site provides a live feedback of what the computer's webcam is seeing, as well as providing the option to add another person to the system. If the users does so, the user must provide their name, and take two videos, one with the authorized person moving in the shot, and one in the same setting, with the authorized person absent. This name is used to identify the authorized user, and the two videos are split into images for the Clarifai model to train itself on.

Once the software is trained, it will watch for unauthorized users, sending an image to Clarifai every second. If the system detects a person with probability greater than 75% for three frames or more, and that person is not authorized, then it will send a text to the user, notifying them that there is an intruder. Currently, we have it set to send a "hello" text when it recognizes a user instead, because we have been working in a space with a lot of people in it.

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