(All plots are interactive)

Plot 1: People per School by Grade

Some insight into what schools are bring the most students for each grade level. (Useful for Marketing, i.e. What schools are drawn to this event?, What schools are we reaching?)

Plot 2: Shirt Size by Grade of Attendee

Some insight into what shirt sizes make up the majority for each grade level. (Useful for Gauging t-shirt orders)

Plot 3: (Top 16) Number of CS Majors per School By Grade

CS was by far the most common major here, so of the top 16 in terms of size, I wanted to look at their breakdown by grade (Useful for Marketing, i.e. What have good numbers of CS majors willing to travel? What schools should we target?)

Plot 4: (Top 15) Gender Breakdown by School

I found this plot particularly interesting as the ratio of men to women seems to scale with the # of attendees, but men are almost always higher in number than women. (Useful for addressing the gender gap, i.e. What school have a large turnout of women? Why?)

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