WildHacks - Freemium

Often many times, free stuffs is given out at many places near us, and we miss them. This app is created to ensure that the such valuable information always reaches the intended users.

To achieve this objective, we have two important functionalities - get blessed and share. The ‘get blessed’ feature can be used to find where there are free stuffs being given away near us using the map interface. The ‘share’ feature is used to add the availability of the free stuffs available to the users, so that they can be blessed with them.

We used azure to deploy the project. The google maps are used to implement the map interface.

We planned to use the cloudsight api for getting the image description from the picture uploaded. This was supposed to increase the interactivity for the users. This way they can bless others with free stuffs with minimal effort!

We also planned to add the feature where the user will be able to add events from calendars and other sources to the app.

There are always trollers in the area. To prevent them from trolling the users, we planned to add a rate the blesser features. This will keep the identity of the blesser anonymous, but at the same time allow users a key insight into the authenticity of the information being provided by the blesser.

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