• Wildfire have been a major issue all around the world, causing massive climate changes, economic and habitat disasters. So, with this project, we feel that we could help everyone by providing them with live data to make them ready to fight against this problem.

What it does

  • This is a React based Web app that tracks wildfire and plots them on a Google map so that it gets easy to get an idea of different places that have caught fire all across the globe.

How we built it

  • We started with looking for a problem faced by us causing huge adversities which took us to look into environmental disasters.
  • Then we listed out all the possible problems we could solve and turns out that there was an article mentioning NASA Open API list (EONET) about all the wildfires around the globe.
  • Then we made a REACT-APP and used this EONET API which fetches the wildfires data and we also used google maps API and then represented those locations with a fire-icon on the maps.

Challenges we ran into

  • Identifying the problem was the biggest of all the task which took most of the time. Reading through number of articles just to filter out the possibilities was a tiresome task but a fun one.
  • Then came the solution part (finding the API) which we didn't even know existed.
  • At last, the idea of how to represent it was also a brain teaser.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to identify a problem and using the DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER method to find the solution and resources.
  • Being able to know about NASA's Open API.
  • Being able to integrate the EONET API with our app and fetching the data.
  • Being able to integrate the Google-Maps API with our app
  • Bringing all the data together and integrating it into one app making it functional.

What we learned

  • We learned a lot about distributing tasks between each other.
  • Integrating different APIs and making them work together.
  • Resource planning.
  • About LIVE SHARE extension of VS CODE for collaborative coding.

What's next for BadFire Tracker

  • We are thinking of building an app that could notify the locals about fire breakout in their localities so that they could get the news quickly and help in controlling it.
  • ISRO is launching BHUVAN(alternative to google maps) in India and It promised to make the API public, so we are planning to use it to improve geolocation precision.

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