Forest fires increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect and climate change. In addition, ashes destroy much of the nutrients and erode the soil, causing flooding and landslides. To stop this partially we have ended up with an wildfire preventive drone to control climatic disaster

What it does

It surveys the forest area up-to it's extended vision using image processing. At the sight of fire in the forest, the sensors detect the fire and alerts the system to drop down fire retardants to prevent from further spreading. Simultaneously, the drone sends signals through the satellite placed at the forest stations to send alerts using radio frequencies. All the drones will be alerted at the site of fire to gather and extinguish. At each charging station of the drone, fire retardants will be stored which will be carried automatically when the drone sites fire.

How we built it

We are presently completed our POC stage, to reach this stage we have integrated smoke, temperature and humidity sensors with Arduino UNO, with help of lidar we have capture the 360 degree image processing to make the drone to travel by its own without any obstacle crash. For the prototype, we have planned to use raspberry pi to make the image processing even more better and to make it wireless transmission with the forest station.

Challenges we ran into

Our project required a more time as in this short span of time, We faced issues while interfering lidar sensor, we weren't getting proper object detection. Interfacing sensors with raspberry pi in order of making it full IoT based is our next challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing our POC of this project in a short span of time by connecting virtually , makes us proud.

What we learned

Learned about Lidar sensor which is something new for us to work and Learning about image processing and IoT transmission in raspberry pi

What's next for Wildfire Preventive Drone

For further development we are making it IoT based using raspberry pi, so we are having a plan to develop the use of drones to even for the waterbodies cleaning, as we all know the number for wastes and plastics underwater are increasing day by day, here this drone will be used to collect the waste underwater periodically which saves our aquarium and aquatic animals.

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