Wildfire is a huge natural disaster and can cost billions of dollars by damaging the property. Satellites can only detect wildfires when they become large enough to see. We want to detect wildfire early with a network of sensors and stop the spread asap.

What it does

The sensor detects smoke (carbon + air) PPM levels in the air and alarms the authorities when it detects the dangerous PPM levels.

How we built it

We used MQ2 sensor (which detects CO and smoke) to detect wildfire (small or huge) and communicate with Google Firebase realtime DaaS to alert the Authorities.

Challenges we ran into

Building persistent Realtime communication, testing and calibrating sensors

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Wildfire Alert

Computer vision + Machine Learning to detect flames and smoke from more distant locations rather than relying on sensors.

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