We first started with a random list of ideas but we settled on what was most feasible and with some advice from the Mentors at Ignition Hackathon we settled on this idea.

What it does

I'm actually not sure what it does due to not being so coordinated with my partner. My partner did some Pytorch stuff while I learned about WebDev and Figma.

How we built it

There's not really a how to this I'll be honest we kinda just learned stuff and we're still going about it.

Challenges we ran into

I think the challenge was mostly just general lack of knowledge. I think even if we put in all the proofs we did it incorrectly. Me and my partner had something with a much larger scope and I think we ended paying due to not properly understanding what we could or could not do I'm still working on it and I plan to after the Hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I find what I did at least to be very cringe. But you know what's not cringe trying. Even though I'm waking up at 5 am trying to work on the blog website that would have been for one of the proofs and knowing that I have classes in 3 hours until I get my 1 hour break into piano classes in the afternoon I tried. My partner did the same we both tried.

What we learned

Well I'm actually not sure what I learned because in the Webdev workshop it only really reinforced my knowledge of html and such it gave me a push in the right direction. It's not like I didn't learn new things it's more of I ended up understanding what I had learned in the past if that makes any sense. My partner ended up learning about Pytorch I hope that was fun. But I think that we learned most about the scope of our ideas and how we can accomplish them in the future.

What's next for Wildetector.

I'm still working on the blog making touch ups and I hope to finish making it before school starts it'll act as a site for what comes next for the two of us I'm definitely excited to try my hand at the next ignition hackathon with more knowledge and experience. This was a great experience and I think it definitely made me feel better when it came towards my other classes I had to manage I know this is a very cringe project with literally nothing to show because I literally chose to not even show what I learned from webdev and only submitted my figma but I think I would feel more disappointed if I showed a half baked project and just said what we wanted to do.

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posted an update

I'm just going to go out on a limb to hold myself accountable for the release of the blog site right here. better come out before august 27. Also I was wondering if I could literally just made another program that was a prototyping of the AI thing with python and then turn it into a site that ran the program with proper ui and then we could think about implementing pytorch but then again I'm going to watch the pytorch thing because I had to miss all the meetings basically due to classes.

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