We wanted to provide an accessible platform where women and men of color from any financial background to quickly have access to regular self examinations done at home at their convenience.

What it does

This application will walk with you step by step to performing a 10 minute breast self-exam, find local Planned Parenthood locations via zipcode, and help users learn more about the three potential breast cancer symptoms to look out for when self examining.

How we built it

We built this application using React Native, React Native Elements, Expo, Google Places API, Visual Studio Code, and Github.

Challenges we ran into

Finding times to meet due to different time zones and availability. Fetching a different forms of data from Google Places API at the same time proved to be a great challenge as the API held limitations with multiple fetch calls. Lastly, it was challenging to learn and implement React Native for the first time as it took longer periods of time to learn as well as build new features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing the Finding Doctors feature via Place API to gather local data via zipcode was a challenging and new experience which made it rewarding to see it successfully work! Creating an effective user flow by combining data and algorithms where the user can fully experience our app's main core functionality. Collaborating ideas in a team-based setting from a variety of backgrounds and locations. Lastly, witnessing the product from start to finish and being accountable for every process of our team and app production.

What we learned

Learning React Native for the first time. Creating an app for a meaningful cause proved a unique perspective on development. Communication within the team is very important especially when working remote. Google Places API cannot fetch many places in one endpoint with the attributes we want to request for. Time management is important especially when balancing a variety of personal obligations.

What's next for WildCATs

Implementing the call local Planned Parenthood location within a tap of a button. Set an auto reminder for regular Breast Self Examination once a month to promote regular examination.

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