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What it does

We made a C# Web IDE such that a user can submit code via a web page to the server. The server will execute the code, provide the output, as well as ask for input where necessary.

How we built it

The backend that powers the website is and ASP.NET Core application running on a Windows Server. The client sends the code to be compiled to the server, the server compiles it, then over HTMLt Web Sockets, sends back the output of the program in real time.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the client side text editor to have decent functionality was quite difficult. Almost every step of between sending the code to the server to recieving the output gave us trouble.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us had worked with websockets before. Being able to execute a program on a server and route the output of the program over a web socket as well as ask for input where necessary turned out to be a much larger task than we anticipated.

What we learned

We all learned about websockets, between implementing the server and client side, none of us had worked with them before.

What's next for Wild Compile

Adding protection such as a sandboxed environment so that the users program can not effect the server would be a very neccesary step.

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