Problem Statement 1 asks us to build a buyer-seller marketplace which only allows veterans to sell, but any one can buy. We did this, but also incorporate some of problem statement 4 which transcribes video.

What it does

Users sign up with Google OAuth2 authentication and then update their profile to reflect if they are a veteran or not. They can include an interview video, their military rank, position, branch, etc. Veterans then have the option to add a product to sell and/or manage their existing products. Buyers can use the search bar on the intro website screen to find a product they are looking for and add to cart/checkout. Finally they can upvote or downvote veterans they think are legitimate or illegitimate or because they are bad business people.

How we built it

Corey worked on the front end. Seth worked on the both. Git used for integration. Started off using HTML5UP for front end basis, then customizing it for different organizations and offered items listed. Backend was generated using Express generator then SQL database queries using tedious.js were written so API calls could be used directly with forms on the front end.

Challenges we ran into

Time Constraint. Sleepiness. Other activities. Random bugs here and there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Looks Amazing! Is a minimum viable product/service. Uses Fuzzy Logic to sort search criteria.

What we learned

Corey learned how to work with HTML. Seth learned fuzzy logic search querying.

What's next for Wild Blue Yonder

Find Veterans to use it! Add a Royalty so we make money! Or license/sell to VetStoreUSA. Make Front Page actually update dynamically with new customers and products. Add Reviews to Product Page. Add Filters to Search.

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